Why Tax Resolution?

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The IRS just received $80 billion from Congress, the largest budget increase ever, for going after non-filers, delinquent taxpayers, increasing Audits and transforming their technology, by incorporating AI and machine learning, to collect the $688 billion that’s owed the Internal Revenue Service.

There’s Way More Demand than Supply:

It’s estimated, by the Tax Practice Advisor, that 25 million Americans either haven’t filed legally required income and payroll tax returns, or are behind in back taxes, or both. And, this was before the influx of the $80 billion the IRS just received.

You can only imagine how many more taxpayers will have IRS problems due to the current downturn in the economy, rampant inflation, and mounting credit card debt as all the “free” pandemic money has dried up.

This represents an unprecedented revenue growth opportunity for accounting, tax and legal professionals that want to help taxpayers resolve their IRS problems. Your firm can further leverage this niche opportunity by becoming proficient in marketing and monetizing tax resolution services with the help of Roz Strategies®.

Roz Strategies® shows you how to price your cases and structure fees so that the average engagement value is worth $8,850 per client. Not only that, but we’ll show you how to collect 100% of your fee before the case is resolved.

Can you leverage this opportunity into a million-dollar tax resolution business? Absolutely! Your Tax Resolution Mentor, Michael Rozbruch and Roz Strategies® has done it and will show you how.

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*Receive referrals from CPAs and attorneys that do not handle this work
*Enjoy less competition.

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Michael Rozbruch


Michael Rozbruch, CPA and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, a pioneer in the tax resolution industry, has a proven “in-the-trenches” track record as evidenced by accumulating 168 month-over-month consecutive revenue growth culminating in $23 million in revenue in just one year alone.

Michael is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and is the founder of Roz Strategies® and Michael Rozbruch’s Tax and Business Solutions Academy®, an eLearning, training and coaching services company that trains and helps CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys build highly profitable practices through proven marketing systems and strategies. But he doesn’t stop there. He also trains on how to “close” the sale, manage the client relationship and knows firsthand how a best practice IRS Problem client niche practice should be run and operated.

Standing alongside Michael to help you be as successful as possible with your own tax resolution business is the Roz Team—Roslyn Rozbruch, Becky Stephens, John Israelian, Ruthie Ponce, and Karen Hood. Read on to learn more about how each team member makes it their goal to make life in your practice a little easier—and a lot more profitable!