Working Hard is One Thing, Knowing What to Work Hard On is Another

Imagine making more money with your existing practice than you ever thought possible.  Imagine never having to worry again whether or not you have enough business, especially in the off-season. You have worked years to build your business.  Now it’s time for you to earn what you deserve.

Think about the possibilities…maybe it’s the prospect of more free time to spend with your family and friends, a long vacation away just to relax…Maybe it’s as simple as that classic car you’ve wanted for years.  The list could go on forever!  What’s important is how empowering it is when you have independence, security, and control of your future.

I will show you how to increase your monthly income by thousands, not with some get rich quick scheme, but with a proven, reliable business model that you haven’t taken advantage of – yet.

Imagine never having to chase receivables again.  How about being able to select only the clients you want to work with.  You may have to alter your mindset from needing to take every client that walks through your door to selecting ONLY those that meet your criteria.  Imagine having a prospective client qualify for your services before you allow them to engage you – and collecting much higher fees than you ever thought possible BEFORE completing the work. Imagine how it would feel to finally be paid what you’re worth AND be appreciated and respected by your peers and clients!

Some Insights on the IRS and the Tax Resolution Market

Today, 19 million people owe the IRS over $391,000,000,000 (billion). 14 million of them are already in the IRS’s Collection Division. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. The Commissioner is pushing the IRS to employ technology and collect more despite reduced resources.  Taxpayers are already experiencing ever-increasing difficulty getting help from IRS personnel.  So, when the IRS computers levy a taxpayer’s bank account or paycheck, they are looking for someone to assist them.  Why not you?  The tax gap is growing, currently at 391 billion dollars PER YEAR and IRS staffing is shrinking.  The result?  Less flexibility, less cooperation, and more pain for troubled taxpayers.

Many times it takes a wage garnishment, bank levy or the issuance of a federal tax lien for a delinquent taxpayer to realize they can’t just hope and pray their tax problem will go away and the IRS will forget about them.  As you can see, the IRS is an expert at inflicting immense pain to more and more delinquent taxpayers every day!

When you have the knowledge of how to attract and get retained by IRS problem clients, your bank account will become flush in short order.  When that transformation takes place you will only regret not starting sooner.  Picture buying a summer home knowing you can afford it.  Imagine taking much needed vacations wherever and whenever you feel like it. Visualize not having to write off large chunks of time and money from your monthly billing statements just to appease clients because you’re afraid of losing them. How about being able to reliably predict how many new clients you’ll have each month by executing proven marketing campaigns.

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