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Look Who's Talking

There's a learning principle that says we need to hear or see something seven times before our brains really remember what it is that we're being taught. This is called the "rule of 7" and it certainly rings true for me. For the last few years, Roslyn and I have attended the Genius Network Annual Conference. This is a great event and it's a lot of fun meeting up with all of the people we know who attend, but every year right before we get on the plane, my ... CONTINUE READING

Not Born This Way

"I wasn't born neurotic; experiences in my life have made me this way." This is a common phrase I say to people when I do something neurotic. I have a few idiosyncrasies — just ask my family and friends — but I can own them because I know they don't come from nowhere; actual events in my life have caused me to ... CONTINUE READING

Mastermind Member Spotlight

Sharon Lewis took on her first IRS problem case years before she ever even considered tax resolution as a profession. Her first client was her mother. "She was a stay-at-home mom, and when my dad died, she didn't know anything about taxes." Sharon shared that her mom paid someone to do her taxes, but they did them wrong. Sharon recalls, "I was in my mom's ... CONTINUE READING

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