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Your Word Is Your Bond

I'm a big believer in not owning a depreciating asset. That's why, when it comes to cars, unless it's a classic, vintage automobile, Roslyn and I both lease our everyday drivers. For the last few years, Roslyn's been driving a 2017 BMW X5. When her lease came up recently, we went out to the dealership to get her the 2020 model. We've been doing business at the ... CONTINUE READING

From the Practice Corner


What do you do after you've been retained on a flat fee and discover there's additional work to be performed that wasn't included in your original engagement letter?... CONTINUE READING

IRS Terror Tale of the Month

The titles of city mayor and children's book author paint the picture of a highly respectable citizen. However, as the story of disgraced former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh shows, titles aren't everything ... CONTINUE READING

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