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Are You in the Sales Prevention Department?

Do you ever talk your clients out of spending money with you for the services you provide in order to save them money? Or, have you ever not even told a client about a service you provide, thinking they won’t want to spend the money? That's what I call being in the sales prevention department ... CONTINUE READING

From the Practice Corner

In an effort to help struggling taxpayers due to COVID-19 issues, the IRS announced a plan back on Nov. 2, 2020, to make it easier for people to settle their tax debt by setting up payment agreement options. But, have they really made it easier ... CONTINUE READING

Terror Tale of the Month

The ends do not always justify the means, and in the case of Texas billionaire and Vista Equity Partners CEO Robert Smith, his actions certainly didn’t justify his means. Smith made headlines across the country in 2019 when he offered to pay off the debt of the entire graduating class of Morehouse College, which is a good thing. But ... CONTINUE READING

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