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Who Coaches the Coach?

I always say, "Experts are always students first." Let's face it, the best coaches have coaches; even Tony Robbins has a coach. Roslyn and I have been lucky over the last seven years since we launched Roz Strategies to have worked with some wonderful coaches that we respect and admire. And, a few weeks ago, we took a road trip from our home in Los Angeles down to the San Diego area to visit one of our business coaches, Roland Frasier ... CONTINUE READING

Member Spotlight

Tax and business attorney Greg McCauley Jr. has represented more than 1,000 clients before the IRS since taking on tax representation in 2015, but he’ll tell you it's not about the numbers. "I haven't tabulated how much we've settled out with the IRS, and it's a lot ... CONTINUE READING

Terror Tale of the Month

In basketball, it's illegal to double dribble, and in taxes, it's illegal to not pay your federal as well as state taxes. And while former University of Kentucky and NBA player Randolph Morris has never been accused of double dribbling, he has been indicted for double dipping and then some — or more specifically, wire fraud and tax evasion ... CONTINUE READING

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