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How to Let Go of Your Fear and Walk Toward Success

A few months ago, Roslyn and I hosted our sixth annual Tax Resolution Success Summit Virtual Conference. It was an amazing event! A whopping 700 people attended live, and we flew in speakers from all over the country to the studio in South Carolina. Our event company, Sage, did such a great job that I almost felt like the attendees were in the room with us  ... CONTINUE READING

Member Spotlight: Small Town Practice Doing Big Business

Two years ago, owner Ben Golden’s practice, Golden Tax Relief LLC, was bringing in about $12,000 a month from tax resolution clients. Fast forward, Ben now employs 19 team members in seven states, and the company’s monthly gross is nearly $200,000 ... CONTINUE READING

Big Tax Debt of a Real Housewife

Most people who watch “The Real Housewives” reality TV series flip it on to get a glimpse of how the other half lives. The show follows wealthy women enjoying lives of luxury: shopping, dancing, dining out, and spending thousands on plastic surgery ... CONTINUE READING

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