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The Big Problem Your Clients Might Have Right Now 

I was relaxed and refreshed when I returned to the office after a little Fourth of July vacation a few months ago, but my cheerful mood disappeared the second I opened a letter from the California Franchise Tax Board that was addressed to Roslyn and me ... CONTINUE READING

Member Spotlight

Sometimes, when we start on a life journey, we never know where that road will lead us. For LuSundra Everett, enrolled agent and owner of Everett Tax Solutions, her path into tax resolution began in 2015. Although, at the time, she didn’t even know what tax resolution was, never mind making it her career destination. It all started with her pursuing an item on her bucket list: learning how to prepare taxes ... CONTINUE READING

Blac Chyna Airs Her IRS Dirty Laundry

Blac Chyna, formerly married to Rob Kardashian (Kim’s younger brother), is in trouble with the IRS — and it will take more than a song and dance to get her out of it ... CONTINUE READING

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