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Avoid This Common Business Mistake

Every year after our Tax Resolution Success Summit, Roslyn and I take a vacation. It’s our way of unwinding after the hard work of planning and running the event — and if you ask me, the best place on earth to do that is Maui, Hawaii.

My idea of a vacation is parking myself in a cabana between the pool and the ocean and only ... CONTINUE READING

Founder’s Mastermind Member Spotlight

“Peace of mind. That’s my kind of thing,” says Ben Butterfield, CEO and founding member of BPB Tax Resolutions, LLC, in Omaha, Nebraska. This lifelong Nebraskan, or Cornhusker as he likes to say, speaks with an ease that instills trust and care — a trait that serves him well when working with frightened taxpayers ... CONTINUE READING


For once, our Terror Tale isn’t a story about the IRS crushing a celebrity under its heel — it’s an underdog tale of a star fighting back! This summer, actor Charlie Sheen announced that he’d beaten the IRS at its own game. The agency grudgingly agreed to reduce his back tax debt from $7 million to $3.3 million ... CONTINUE READING

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