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How to Convert More Prospects to Clients

When I was starting out in the tax resolution business, I went to a lot of networking meetings. You can probably imagine the scene: I stepped through the door hopeful of the meeting room, looking for new friends and partners. I smiled at the crowd — and got 15 fake, phony smiles in return ... CONTINUE READING

Small Acts of Kindness Add Up

Everyone wants to feel that they matter and are cared about; it’s human nature. Recently, I saw how an entire community of strangers, me included, came forward for a family that needed help and how a terrible moment turned into not only a wonderful outcome but also a restored faith in people.

It all started one night while Michael was watching a police car chase on TV ... CONTINUE READING

The Case of the $9 Million Tax Refund

It’s not every day the IRS makes a mistake and has to refund someone $9 million, but last summer, film star Tyler Perry, who spoke at the 2022 Earn Your Leisure Conference, revealed this massive IRS mistake.

According to Perry, years ago, an overzealous IRS agent insisted on ... CONTINUE READING

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