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The Danger of Too Much ‘Success’

Earlier this year, I made a big business mistake. I overextended myself and gave away too much of my most valuable resource: my time.

For the last eight months, Roslyn and I have been working nonstop ... CONTINUE READING

What’s Your Future Vision?

I’m always up for an adventure, especially if it’s fun, but honestly, even a conference can be fun for me. I’ll always find a way to bring a good time into the mix. Several months ago, I had it on my mind for Michael and me to attend a Vivid Vision Retreat hosted by ... CONTINUE READING

The IRS Squeezes $1.1 Million From Bankrupt Actor Danny Trejo

Actor Danny Trejo is best known for action films like “Spy Kids,” “Machete,” and “Desperado” — but now, he’s under fire in real life. This February, Trejo filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy when the IRS came calling for its share: over $2 million in unpaid back taxes, all accrued through ... CONTINUE READING

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