You Can’t Walk Through A New Door Until You Let Go Of The Door You're Holding Onto

This is a guest post from my wife and business partner Roslyn Rozbruch:

closed-door-open-doorOne of Michael and I's big "Rozisms" is that You Can’t Walk Through A New Door Until You Let Go Of The Door You're Holding Onto.

And while we say that professionally, personally we have literally and figuratively done just that. We recently sold our dream house and decided to rent for a year before buying our next house, which is different than the way most people go about selling and buying their homes. Actually, this is the third time Michael and I have done it this way.

Most people groan at the thought of moving, and almost all think it’s too much work to move twice, but I like to look at the Big Picture. And in this case, selling, then renting before buying again is empowering. By not buying our next house before selling the current one, I am in the position of not feeling rushed to sell for fear of having two mortgages or being forced to settle for something I’m not in love with. Most of all, I’m not being held hostage to the person buying our house, because if they ask for too many unreasonable requests, I have the power to cancel and put my house back on the market. And when the time comes to buy again, I will have a solid down payment without any contingencies of waiting for a house to sell.

I share this personal story to help you think about things in your life that might need to shift.

Doors have to close for new ones to open....What is it in your life that you are still holding on to, preventing you from that new undertaking?

Most likely, you aren’t literally holding on to a door knob, but if you were, it would physically be impossible for you to walk through another door without letting go of the first one. If I’ve confused you, let me say this more simply — if there is something you want to do differently in your life, whether personally or with your business, you might have to give up something to get it.

Another one of my Roz-isms is, “The get is better than the give,” meaning, what I’m getting is better than what I’m giving up. For Michael and me, we wanted a house that fits our current lifestyle instead of living in a home that fit our lifestyle when our children lived with us. And I feel that the next house we buy, when the time is right, will be a dream too.

What do you dream of having in your life? What are you willing to give to get it?